This game really is a delight. Every time I play it I find myself laughing at what’s happening and uncontrollably enjoying myself. So what is Rumble Club? Think Fall Guys but you can punch each other. That might sound like a small difference but it completely changes the gameplay.

Before I discuss the gameplay I’d like to start with who created the game and how I came across it. From what I gather this game is developed by Lightfox Games and is partnered with Mad Mushroom who is lead by OTK. If you don’t know OTK is the organization of some streamers with Asmongold being a founding member. That’s how I heard of this game.

Rumble Club Team Match

Time for the gameplay. It looks like they rotate events and gameplay but the basics are you want to be the last Punchie (that’s what the characters are called) standing. The basic game is a battle royale style where platforms occasionally fall so the map gets smaller. You can throw a quick punch or wind it up for a stronger hit. You need to hit someone enough to fill up three X’s over their head at which point they are temporarily knocked out. You can then pick them up and toss them off the map into the water. Depending on the game mode that might be the end of them or they might be able to come back.

One thing this game does well is how they handle the temporary knock outs. The timer is short so you have to be quick to pick up a player and toss them over. This feels good when you get knocked out because it doesn’t guarantee you lose. It feels like they dialed it in just right.

There are other game modes. One on one, team modes, eating the most cupcakes wins where deaths don’t matter, and more. The maps are colorful and well laid out and you also get a variety of weapons. My first match I was a giant donut (think Simpsons style donut) and won by laying on people and sending them flying.

Rumble Club Selecting Game

One reason I think this game feels good and familiar isn’t just that it ties back to Fall Guys. It feels like a Nintendo 64 Mario Party mini-game. You wait on a flying ship in the air for players to join the “lobby” then there is a small menu that appears that scrolls quickly through a bunch of possible mini-games then it lands on one. Text appears showing you what you’re about to play and then you are in it. It’s hard to pinpoint but something about this feels familiar and enjoyable.

Once you’re in the game the fun really begins. You can play however you like whether it’s diving right into the fray, exploring to find an item, or just looking for stragglers to pick off. I definitely look for small fights where I have the most control over the outcome instead of joining a mob and getting knocked out. The beautiful thing about this game is there is skill involved and strategy that can help you win.

Rumble Club Team Win

Teaming up is great fun. In team games when you get knocked out you “respawn” by being in a goo block. If the time runs out you are back to normal or if a teammate helps you out although an enemy can pick you up and throw you off the side. If you are thrown into the water while still in goo you are out. This creates great tension as you rush to try and save your teammates or you try hopping away while in the goo hoping no one sees you.

I think most people would enjoy the team aspects of this game. It’s light hearted quick matches that even if you get out you aren’t mad about it. It’s all in good fun.

Rumble Club Winning Match

This game is free but does have a cash shop with the normal bad practices of free to play games. There are multiple currencies, unclear pricing, and you aren’t able to buy the actual amount of gems you need for the battle pass. Instead you buy more than you need and you have some left over. This is my biggest gripe with this game due to how much Asmongold scolds other games that do this and yet he is promoting this game as his. That’s for another article. For now just know there is a cash shop and battle pass so although free we all know it could snowball and you pay way too much for a game like this.

Overall I’m really enjoying the game right now as it’s easy to pick up for a short game session and still lots of fun. This isn’t a long-term game for me but that’s not what decides whether a game is good or not. I’ve already had enough fun that I can confidently say this is a good game and if you’re okay with a cash shop then I’d recommend trying it out. I’m sure you’ll have a good laugh at the mayhem that ensues.

By Matt

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