What I’m Playing

This page isn’t intended to be a live update of what I’m playing each and every day. Instead, this gives you an idea of some of the games I rotate through. Sometimes I’ll get back into these games hard and play them constantly for a week or weeks at a time. Other times I’ll just drop into the game for a day.

Counter-Strike 2

I’ve played Counter-Strike since version 1.0 came in a box and Steam didn’t exist. Sometimes I really get a on CS2 kick for a few days at a time but mostly I just pop into a casual match to have some fun. It’s a great free FPS to kill some time.

Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV is a great strategy game that I always go back to. You’ll find me mostly playing 4v4 Co-op vs Absurd AI but if I’m really trying to relax I’ll go with a quick match which only goes up to Hardest difficulty.

World of Warcraft

My history with World of Warcraft (WOW) is long and you’ll have to look out for future posts for more details. Either way, this is a game I go back to because I like the world of Azeroth. These days I’m much more of a casual WoW player. I’m not chasing AOTC or KSM at the moment and mostly log into Classic when I’m looking for an MMO experience. I’ll play War Within once it comes out but I don’t see myself diving back into raiding and pushing keystones.