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Although this blog will be dedicated to my gaming life I feel the first post should discuss the rebirth of the site. After all, like a phoenix rising from the ashes this blog is also getting a new life.

Originally this site was a project I was working on with a buddy of mine and consisted of gaming news, reviews, and guides. It was a great time but eventually things fizzled out. The last post on the site was December 1, 2017. That’s over 7 years ago! Why so long you might ask?

The main reason I never started posting again on the site is that the site ran on WordPress and was injected with malware. This malware created a bunch of fake pages to drive traffic to other websites. This was a mess to clean up and negatively affected the ranking of the site and backlinks.

Even after hardening the security of the site the damage was done and always acted as a mental blocker for me to start using the site again. I’ve always missed writing about gaming here and today I decided to completely nuke the site and start over. Everything before, although backed up locally on my computer, has been wiped out. I cancelled my old hosting account and started a brand new one for the rebirth of the site. I’m completely starting over and it’s exciting.

With that out of the way I think it’s finally time to starting writing about gaming.

By Matt

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