Watching Twitch streamers and getting in-game rewards is the future

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Players of The Elder Scrolls: Legends trading card game can watch Twitch streamers of the game and have a chance to get in-game drops.  This was announced Thursday by Bethesda, the developers of ESL.  So how does this work?  Create a Twitch account  and then follow any Twitch streamer from The Elder Scrolls: Legends channel and while you’re watching them you have a chance to get “drops” that will be linked to your ESL account.  These rewards come in the form of gold that allow you to buy packs of cards, soul gems which allow you to craft legendary cards or a pack that contains a legendary card.  Someone from IGN reported getting an entire set of Skyrm cards in under two days from watching streamers.

The Elder Scrolls Legends
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Creating a Win-Win-Win formula

I think this is a great idea for both gaming companies and for Twitch streamers.  For gamers the benefit is twofold: you get in-game items that help you progress and enjoy the game, and you get to watch other gamers which can help improve your skills, knowledge, and grows a community.  The benefits for the Twitch streamer are more straightforward, you get more viewers which can translate into more monetary benefits through donations and ads.  For the companies running the games this gets the game more exposure, creates a stronger community, and helps players learn and get excited from gamers who may have progressed farther than they have.  I see this being a good thing for Bethesda and I’m sure we’ll see more of this in the future.


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