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1v1 UniWarMatch

UniWar is a great mobile strategy game that has a lot going for it.  Tournaments, ranked multiplayer, active community, map builder, multiple races, and more!  If you don’t want to read the full review then here are your key takeaways.

  • 3 playable races
  • Each race has 10 different unit types which keeps the game fun and provides many possible strategies
  • Solo campaign or solo custom games
  • Ranked multiplayer games
  • 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 options available
  • Completely FREE!  (You may have to watch a 30 second ad every now and again but everything is available to you, more on this later)
  • 50,000+ maps
Uniwar Victory
UniWar Victory

First are foremost UniWar is fun to play and it has an active community, two very important factors in a fun game for me.  UniWar is a turn-based strategy game that has a lot of game play variety with 3 playable races each with 10 different units and over 50,000 community made maps .  There is a solo campaign and the ability to create custom solo matches which is where I first started learning.  After getting a feel for the game I switched to the multiplayer side of things which I think gives you the most variety and excitement.  As with most(all?) strategy games each unit has a counter and each race has a specialty, you’ll have to play to find what suits you. There are also terrain bonuses and negative effects depending on your unit type.  For example marines get defensive and offense boosts when they are on top of a mountain or int he forest, tanks can’t go in forests.  The concepts of the game are simple but it takes some thought, strategy, and experience to really master the game.


A big aspect of this game is the multiplayer, especially ranked because why not show that you’re better than someone else?  The way ranked multiplayer is set up is you just click join a game, select your race, then you go into the queue.  Within a minute or two you’re matched with an opponent and you can begin.  Turn time limits by default are 24 hours but you can find custom games with 3 minute turns if you want a faster game.  When you first start playing multiplayer you can play 4 simultaneous games but as you gain in-game currency you can buy more spaces.  I have 7 games going and I’m saving my coins now.  There are also a wide variety of maps and I’ve only played one map twice so far out of 25 games.

Uniwar Tournaments
UniWar Tournaments

If you want to branch out from normal ranked multiplayer and test your skills further you can join tournaments, they are free.  Each tournament has different requirements and settings like a max or minimum rank, only one race, 2v2, solo only, and a few others so you’ll want to find what suits you best.  Between the variety of races, ranked multiplayer matches, and tournaments, it’s easy to stay engaged with UniWar .

Uniwar Victory and Reward
UniWar Victory page with an available reward

So is this game actually free? Yes, this game is not pay to win in any way that I’ve seen.  When you start the game each race has two locked units and you can unlock them permanently with in game currency.  This currency is obtained by winning matches and moving at least once a day in any active game you have.  With that said, you can simply click on a link and watch a 15-45 second ad and then you can build the unit.  So even though you’re stuck watching an ad every now and again you still won’t lose because someone paid the developer money and has special units.  Don’t like ads but have money?  Then just pay a few bucks and problem solved.

Uniwar Profile and Rank
UniWar Profile and Rank

The last thing I want to mention about this game is your profile.  Really?  Yes.  There are a lot of games that overlook a good User Interface that is informative and that tracks your stats well.  I like being able to see my current rank (score), overall rank, win and losses, and my winning streak.  It’s little features like this that you don’t think about until they aren’t there and I do appreciate them.  The entire user interface is easy to use. You can quickly find players, create teams, global chat, visit the store, or even create your own map.  Yes, there is a map editor but I haven’t spent much time on it.  It seems pretty cool though.

So if you’re looking for a turn-based strategy game on your mobile device I do recommend you trying out UniWar.  The gameplay is fun, it’s simple to understand the game concepts, and there is an active community.  Plus it’s completely free so you have nothing to lose!

Uniwar: Google Play

Uniwar: App Store

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