Twitch: A look at who has the most followers


Twitch has been around for about six years now and in case you didn’t know the company lets people live stream their video games on the Twitch platform.  With the popularity of Twitch and live streaming continually increasing I wanted to know just who the number one streamer was, and I found out.

Syndicate Twitch
Syndicate top twitch streamer by followers

The top streamer is a guy named Syndicate who currently has 2,440,036 followers putting him at #1 just 10,000 over the #2 streamer which is Riot Games, creators of League of Legends.  Syndicate joined Twitch back in 2010 and his current game of choice is PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.  I can definitely see a game with the popularity of PUBG allowing a streamer to be in the #1 position.  And looking at the SocialBlade  chart it seems the peak of Syndicates views was back in January 3rd, 2014 when he has a whopping 7.33 million viewers.  I’m not sure what he was streaming back then but now he gets 30-60k viewers on average.

RiotGames Twitch

So who takes the #1 place as most channel views?  Well that goes to Riot Games.  Yes, overall Riot Games seems to be the overall Twitch supreme winner since they are #1 in channel views and #2 in overall followers and I only expect those numbers to increase with the popularity of League of Legends.  If you’re curious about Twitch streamers, YouTube channels, Instagram, or Twitter visit SocialBlade and start looking around.

Twitch Streamer Most Followers
Twitch Streamer Most Followers
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