Think You Have A Lot Of Steam Games? Check This Out

I was looking around  which is a site with tons of different data points on Steam and I decided to check who has the most steam games.  I mean I have 88 games which feels like a lot but I have friends with a few hundred.  Now you can add a lot of free games to boost that number but I don’t because I don’t play them.  So who has the most games and how many do they have?  That title goes to Kongzoola and they have 19,526 games!  That’s so many games.  I guess one day you realize you have a lot, then see yourself on a website as #1 and just keep buying them.  Honestly I don’t know.  They haven’t played 97% of the games they own which is 18,934!  So obviously this is just their hobby.  Whatever they do during the week must pay pretty well!


To be fair this person does play a decent amount.  You can see Products by time played and even look into specific products.  Checking the Products by cost section we can see a decent amount of the games bought are on the cheaper side, which makes sense.  Still there are a number of titles bought over $50.  So what’s the total value of this account?  Current account values $171,711 if bought at full retail.  If you account for the lowest possible prices ever sold for each game it’s still a whopping $86, 235!  My accounts value is only $1,031 so I won’t be breaking any records soon.



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