They Bleed Pixels – Review

They Bleed Pixels is a fantastic game.  Think of this game as a Super Meat Boy platformer, if the main character was Wolverine that got adopted by the Addams Family.  You will die multiple times in a level, but something inside of you keeps urging you forward.  Maybe it’s that creepy book she is always staring at…

A book with a demon bident and dripping with blood… looks like a good read



It is a simple story enough.  Our cute little “protagonist” gets sent to a home for troubled young ladies.  She finds a possessed book that transforms her into claw-wielding death machine that fights her own nightmares.

As the story progresses, each level is a series of dreams.  The setting is accompanied by a very ominous OST with sound effects that give you chills.  I went through most levels as fast as possible to avoid some of the creepy pursuing nightmares.  Even The Ring’s Samara makes a cameo to try a frighten you with her moving through walls and clawing your face off move.

This enemy gave me the shivers



This is where this game shines.  The unforgiving obstacle course is well designed, mostly just to keep you in the air long enough to be vulnerable to nightmarish creatures.  The goal for each mission is to find your lovely book that you miss so much.  In order to get to it without pulling your hair out, you will need to set up checkpoints.  These can be acquired by stringing together combos on enemies or collecting the strange, floating pints of blood spread out through the level.  You can fill up your bar faster by knocking your foes into environmental traps.  Plus, it is way more fun to do it that way.  Just look at the gallons of blood…

Using traps to kills enemies is very satisfying


Combos are accomplished by using a variety of buttons and directions.  Once you get the hang of it, that part becomes second nature.  There is a great variety of enemies with different combat styles that keep combat interesting.  When you die to an environmental danger, your body will remain for the entire level.  This doesn’t necessarily help you learn how to reach your goal, but it does show you how bad you are at double jumping at the right time.

You can see that I found this part a bit difficult


The difficulty can be medium to high and if that frustrates you, there is a novice mode just for you.  You can’t earn high scores and Blood Badges (achievements to unlock great artwork) in this mode, however.  Bonus levels were included as well with different takes on the game play.  The Halloween level instructions you to “trick” the monsters into traps in order to take their candy.  There are also quick interactive tutorials that show you one combat move and ways to use it in a combo.



I liked this game.  Take it for what it is.  A Super Meat Boy like game with a combo fighting style and a haunting setting.  And blood… lots of blood.  They Bleed Pixels definitely falls under my Recommend category.

They Bleed Pixels on Steam


Here is a 98x Combo by Youtube user Skritz: