Terry Crews in-game character revealed

Crackdown 3 Terry Crews
Crackdown 3 Terry Crews

Over the past two weeks there has been a lot of interviews and news with movie star Terry Crews relating to his passion for video games.  You can check out a video over a year ago when he first set up his computer to play games with his son.  Since then they’ve been gaming a lot and while one of their most favorite games is Overwatch, recently PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS has become their favorite.

Terry Crews is now finally in a video game as Commander Jaxon in Crackdown 3.  This is pretty awesome and I’m very happy Crews made it into a video game.  Going back to Overwatch for a minute, the player base really wanted him to be the voice actor for Doomfist, a character about to be released.  There was already an actor hired to play Doomfist so this wasn’t an option.  Terry Crews actually went to Blizzard’s studios, discussed it with them, and it’s well known now that Terry Crews would like to do something in Overwatch.  I’m sure he’ll get his chance, just not yet.

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