Sword With Sauce: Alpha Review

Sword with Sauce: Alpha
I think he fell on his own sword

There is no dialog, no story, nothing to waste your time.  You get in and you start killing; it’s glorious.  You can be stealthy or pretend your Rambo but once you increase the difficultly to insane (which I suggest) then you must become one with your inner ninja to survive!  Plus, who doesn’t love being a stealthy ninja?

Tutorial - Sword with Sauce
Tutorial message board and the sword of Arthur!

Sword with Sauce is currently in Alpha but don’t worry, it’s $3 and for the amount of fun you’ll have it’s totally worth it.  I knew I’d like this game when I first started the tutorial.  There isn’t some guy you’re chasing to learn how to move, there is no dialog.  You walk, a message board pops up, you read it, then you learn something and move on at your own pace.  There is nothing worse than a 15 minute tutorial that should have only been two minutes long.

Level and difficulty selection
Level and difficulty selection

There are five maps, three game modes, and a variety of difficulty levels including the ability to set up your custom difficulty.  The maps are varied and the game modes are great.  In Normal mode you just try to kill everyone without dying, pretty straight forward.  Survivor is you endlessly kill until you make a mistake and get a shotgun to the face point blank. Ninja mode is where you can’t get detected at all.  I haven’t even come close to beating ninja mode.  Try it out, it’s ridiculous.

Sword with Sauce Alpha
Ninja’s use swords


The game also givens you a variety of weapons to choose from to help you become one with your inner ninja.  You can throw darts that put people to sleep, ninja stars that auto-aim for the enemies head, exploding robots, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and there is even a boomerang.  I appreciate the variety of weapons but I do find the bread and butter is the ninja swords.  In true ninja fashion you can also jump up on walls, perform wall runs, and overall act like a ninja.  Did I mention you can throw your ninja sword?  There is something very satisfying about throwing your sword 10 feet away and watching it take down an enemy who was running at you.

Sword with Sauce Alpha Sniping
I see something

I had the most fun playing normal mode on insane difficulty.  It’s brutal, and with each map you can start and go different directions which makes the map stay fresh.  Insane though is insane, these guys don’t play around.  They see you and you will die.  It’s like watching John Wick where people get shot and die quickly, not other movies where bullets fly for 30 minutes and no one hits anything.  The AI is not stupid.

Sword with Sauce Alpha Enemys
They see me!

This game is worth your time and money.  With the maps, difficulty, game modes, and the variety of weapons and gadgets I think you’ll spend some time on here and like every minute of it.  Even if you just bought this, played a few hours one day, and never looked back you wont regret unleashing your inner ninja.


Sword With Sauce Steam Page

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