Steam UI updates coming

Steam Unite Europe 2017
Steam Unite Europe 2017

During Unite Europe 2017 Steam announced quite a few changes that will be rolling out to it’s platform in the next few months.  The discussion was 40 minutes long but we’ve highlighted some parts we thought were nice for both players and developers.

For the players

  • More personalization within the steam store: Sorting, filtering, settings, what I like, what I don’t like options
  • Rewriting the play recommendation system.  Better recommendations based on what you play and what your friends play
  • Discovery features when your browsing is also getting overhauled
  • Instead of the Automatic Recommendation system hey are going to integrate input from curators, new and existing personalities more deeply
  • Making curators a bigger part of the community by highlight broadcasts, streams, video reviews, lists of games

For the developers

There is actually a lot for developers, 3/4th of this presentation is for them but I picked out one thing I thought was great.  Steam is allowing developers to search Curators by tags and will be able to verify them.  No longer will people be scamming developers out of steam keys.  Steam is going to verify Curators by linking YouTube, Facebook, Twitter accounts.  Once a developer has found a curator they like then they can send games directly to them  through steam so no more Steam Keys are needed.

Check out the entire presentation below.  If you’re only interested in the steam store improvements then go to minute 14.

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