StarCraft II Becomes More Free-To-Play

Starcraft II

BlizzCon 2017 has come and gone but so now it’s time to discuss some fun announcements, the first relating to StarCraft 2.  If you didn’t already know StarCraft 2 has had a free version for quite some time that allows players to play the community arcade maps for free, custom games with friends, fight against the A.I., and play co-op mission with the standard commanders.  In BlizzCon blizzard announced updates to StarCraft 2’s free version and are officially calling it “Free-To-Play”.  Since the announcement they’ve provided more details in an official post on

On November 14th the FTP begins allowing users access to Wings of Liberty, the original StarCraft 2 single-player campaign.  You’ll also be able to play every co-op commander, before you only had three choices and they continued to release new ones you’d need an expansion to play.   There is a caveat though, you can play all co-op players to level five which is still a good change but you can only level the original three (Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis) to max.  I personally play Artanis.

But wait, there’s more.  Now you can actually play ranked multiplayer ladder matches which was previously restricted.  I think this will increase the competitive player base which is always a good thing.  So does this mean the entire game is now free?  Well no, although Blizzard has greatly increased the free-to-play content available to users there are still a few expansion packs available for purchase.  So if you like single-player co-op and want to continue the story you’ll have to purchase expansions but if you’re solely a multi-player individual you won’t be spending anything.

SC2 Ghost Skin

Have you been a StarCraft 2 fan for a while and already have certain parts of the game?  Well if you just have the base game then you can log in between Nov 8 and Dec 8 and you’ll unlock the Heart of the Swarm for free.  If you currently own all expansions then your gift becomes an exclusive Ghost skin and three new portraits!  Not necessarily a free expansion but at least they kept you in mind.

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