SNES Classic console sells out

SNES Classic
SNES Classic

The classic consoles are still all the craze and to take advantage of that Nintendo released the pre-orders for their Super Nintendo Entertainment Edition (SNES) today and it’s already sold out.  You could have pre-purchased it at Walmart for a reasonable $79.99.  Honestly, I think the selling out of this console is more from people who want to re-sell them around the holidays rather than people who will actually be using it.  I can’t prove it but with the original Nintendo classic selling for hundreds of dollars on Ebay I’m sure people are seeing an opportunity here.  The one classic system you can always get is the Sega Classic Game Console.

One interesting thing about the console is the Starfox 2 game that’s never been released before.  I’m sure this will be the icing on the cake for some.  Other big titles are Zelda, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Street Fighter 2, Contra 3, Ruper Mario RPG, and some favorite Kirby games.


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