RPG Maker On Sale

Degica Games Midweek Madness Sale

If you’ve spent time on steam, looking into making video games, or explored the world of indie RPG’s then chance are you’ve heard of RPG Maker.  If you didn’t know there are many different version of the RPG maker as they’ve continued to develop it with the latest one being released in 2015 titled “RPG Maker MV.”  If you watch one of the videos you’ll probably be pretty inspired to create a game for yourself.

I actually bought RPG Maker XV4 back in June 2016 (I checked my order history) and have yet to create the worlds greatest RPG.  It’s still on my to do list but right now I don’t have any ideas for a good RPG and don’t have the time to commit to seeing the project all the way through.  If you do then you may want to check out the Degica Games Midweek Madness sale.  The latest version will run you $23.99 but that’s still a 70% discount.  If money is tight you could go back to the RPG Maker 2003 version for $3.99 which is an 80% discount.  Really there is an RPG maker for anyone if that’s what you’re into.

If you have no interest in RPG maker then there are still some good deals from Degica Games in the Midweek Madness sale although I don’t know if their style of games is for everyone.

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