PUBG team killing bans, this one I don’t agree with


It seems like the past few days PUBG keeps making gaming news because of team killing bans, this one though I don’t agree with.  A Reddit user named sxk7 posted on Reddit that he playing PUBG with a group of two of his buddies and that a random guy was placed in their group to fill it out.  As they landed and started getting weapons this random guy killed both of his team mates and was coming for him.  Any one of us in this position knowing that the guy killed our friends and was coming for us next would take this guy out before he had the chance to kill us.  You can see in the video the moment he looks at the guy the random guy is already shooting in his direction.

So sxk7 decides to submit this video to PUBG and get this random player banned for grieving.  Well this random guy did get a ban, but so did sxk7 for killing his team mate.  Seriously? Any gamer out there would side with sxk7 and not give him a three day ban.  I truly feel bad for the guy because if you kill my friends in game for no reason there is a good chance I kill you back.  See the full post here.

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