PUBG Ratings Turning Negative

PUBG Negative Ratings

I recently talking about Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) having an increased growth due to sales in the Asia markets.  With this spike in growth it would also seem that there has been an increased number of hackers for the game. At least that’s what you’d find if you look at some of the latest reviews.  Steams new rating algorithm actually detected a spike in negative reviews during the end of October.  This algorithm was put in place for users to see when gamers were trying to “review bomb” a game to get a message to the development team or because of a political statement a developer or studio owner had said.

Looking through most of the comments it’s because a giant gaming company in China called Tencent acquired a 5% stake in the company.  This is actually false information as the PUBG dev studio spoke with Bloomberg.  There are talks about going into business together but as of now they are not.  The fact does still remain that the game is riddled with hackers and it’s making it unplayable.  It’s sad to see so many players with 500-1,000 hours of game time who supported the game outraged because there are that many hackers.

This is always a concern for online multiplayer games, especially the popular ones, so hopefully the development team finds a way to resolve this issue.  After all PUGB is one of the hottest games out right now and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon… unless of course you have rampant hackers.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens.




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