PLAYERUNKOWN bans popular Twitch streamer


In every game there are people who do things that tend to ruin the experience of other players.  Most games have some sort of warning system to prevent this or a reporting system that usually doesn’t do anything.  However PLAYERUNKNOWN, aka Brendan Greene, saw that the streamer known as DrDisRespect killed his own team mate when there weren’t enough seats on a vehicle.  This is strictly against the rules of PUBG so Brendan gave him a temporary ban and had tweeted this.

Once this happened DrDisRespect and Brendan tweeted back and forth which was all good and fun until the tweet came that ended the fun.

“If I could do the splits I’d roundhouse kick you in the next. But since I can’t, I’ll just front kick you in the chest instead.”

The reply from PLAYERUNKOWN was

Suggesting violence is the best way to solve a disagreement is just wrong, even if you are playing a character.

Learning from TwitLonger we know that Brendan had an incident with his flat mate where, after an argument, he was kicked through a plate glass door which is why he doesn’t take kindly to things like this.  I think this is a good message though for everyone in the gaming world, it’s a game and you should have fun.  If you need to talk smack do it within the game terms, not talking about coming over and hurting someone.  Chances are in real life you’d never say that to a person standing two feet away from you.  On top of that the gaming world has taken words that have horrible real-life meanings and throw them around “in good fun” as if the word is meaningless.  I will never know when, why, or how “rape” became such a beloved insult for the gaming world.  Anyways, it’s good that someone as well known and liked such as Brendan “PLAYERUNKNOWN” Greene can take a personal stand when so many other do not.

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