PC gamers will get to play Destiny 2, eventually

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Destiny was a big hit and now its successor Destiny 2 is eagerly awaited by its fan base.  Destiny 2 has been announced for PC but it’s beginning to feel like the ugly stepchild of Bungie, the creators of Destiny 2.  The beta for Destiny 2 is coming up, for those who preordered the game is starts on July 18th for PS4 players and July 19th for Xbox One players.  Everyone else can start playing on July 21st and the beta runs through July 23rd.  As of now there is no set PC beta date, although we’re told it’s coming.  A later beta for PC is fine and isn’t a big deal but then you look at the release schedule for the game and it looks a little worse for PC.  The game is scheduled to launch for PS4 and Xbox on October 24 but the PC version has a release date of September 6th.  I can’t say I remember a time where there was such a delay in release schedule for different platforms.  Maybe things will change as we get closer to the release dates but for now PC gamers will just have to sit on the sidelines while the consoles enjoy this moment in the sun.

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