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Payday 2

Steam announced yesterday that Payday 2 will be FREE to the first 5 million customers on steam who simply add the game to their account.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Visit the steam store, search for Payday 2, click install and you’ve got Payday 2 free for life!  Here is the original post from Steam.

“Add PAYDAY 2 to your account for FREE starting now to the first 5 Million customers!  Once you add the game it will remain in your account permanently, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to play a great game!”

This game was released on steam back in 2013 but since then has over 270k reviews maintaining a Mostly Positive rating even to this day.  Payday 2 is only free on Steam and still costs $15-20 at other retailers so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Never heard of Payday 2?  Check out the Payday 2 Steam page to learn more.

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