Overwatch Season 7 Competitive Play Begins Today

Today begins the seventh season of competitive play for Overwatch.  If you haven’t tried it yet now’s a great time to dive into it.  People are starting fresh, climbing the latter, and not as tightly wound as they will be when a season is coming to a close.   For you veterans, it’s time to get back out there!  I played competitive a little bit back in season 3 and made it to 2477 SR.  If I invested more time into it I could have gone higher but no one that I played with wanted to play competitive at the time.  Overall I enjoy playing competitive in various games because it gives more structure for the matches and requires more teamwork.  Of course games should be fun and I do enjoy playing casually in non-ranked matches but the thrill of competitive is nice and rewarding.  Maybe I’ll dive into season seven and see how far I can make it!


Competitive Overwatch Season 3
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