Overwatch League was announced today and it’s big news

Overwatch League
Overwatch League

Today Activision made a huge announcement about the upcoming Overwatch League and it is different than all other competitive leagues that exist today.  The league is going to be set up more like a traditional sports team meaning the teams are bound to a physical location.  So for instance, Robert Kraft who is  the owner of the New England Patriots will own the Boston-based team.  There are also teams in Los Angeles, Miami-Orlando, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Seoul.

Gamespot already wrote a good article giving the details but the question I have is how does this work for the players.  I know a lot of seriously sponsored teams have game houses and play all day with each other and train, however there are still top teams that play only online.  Will they be moving players into these game houses based in their cities so they can practice together? I’m assuming the answer is yes.  This will be fine though considering these players will be making some good money and will be taken care of.

Today’s announcement has certainly made history and this is the first giant step to bringing eSports to the mainstream.  You can bet with NFL owners running these teams and billions of dollars available things are just starting to heat up.  I look forward to how this all turns out.

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