Overwatch has a new grieving system in the works


Competitive matches in any game are fun, that is unless your team mates are extremely toxic or throwing matches.  This is what happened to AverageAristocrat  when he was playing a match at the 4000SR level when his team mate was throwing so he could drop to gold and play with his friend.  This wasn’t the first time this player has done this he boasted and so AverageAristocrat was fed up and contacted support.  During the conversation the support person named Volkexas said (from what I can read of the screenshot):

…really hoping the incoming improvements will help

…stay tuned for info on the new grief system….

So at least we know that Blizzard is aware that their system for reporting is bad and are trying to fix it.  I have to say out of all my years gaming Overwatch has had some of the most toxic players I’ve ever met.  There are plenty of nice people too though!  For now we’ll have to just wait and see and hope the new system helps the competitive scene.


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