Mount & Blade II still out of reach

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Siege
Mount and Blade Bannerlord Siege

Mount & Blade: Warband is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played.  If you haven’t ever played it find it on Steam, it’s $20 but you can usually find it on sale for around $5 and for that price it’s a no brainier.  This is why I have such high hopes for it’s sequel, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.  When does this highly anticipated game come out?  Well we don’t know and in a Dev Blog Post the developers TaleWorlds had said there is no release date yet.  The reason this is significant is because people were hoping they’d announce one at the upcoming Gamescom.

We have not disclosed a release date so far because it does not exist. We don’t work like that. We are not a company who sets a timeline to release a product and then works to meet that deadline. We are TaleWorlds Entertainment: we create games because we love making them, and we want them to be the best games that we can possibly make. We think that our fans don’t deserve less than our best efforts, our total commitment. We don’t believe in releasing a game before it is ready just because we might miss the hype.

They also responded to people saying “But all these companies give a release date – why don’t you?”  To that they say the following.

 For example, some companies have publishers, shareholders, investors and owners who press for a release date, even if it means cutting content from a game.

TaleWorlds is a very unique game developer and that’s exactly why they make amazing games.  If you’ve never heard of their Mount & Blade series I highly suggest you check out Warband.  I’ll have to write a full post about the game but here is the short version.  You play a soldier and you can “specialize” by putting talent points in different areas.  Want to be an archer? Upgrade your bow skills.  Like fighting with swords? Upgrade that.  From short bows, long bows, sword and shields, two handed swords, and polearms you can fulfill any medieval fantasy you have.  You start off with nothing and you fight your way through skirmishes taking loot from your enemies like weapons, armor, and food, and sell what you don’t need.  You gain favor with one of the many nations, swear allegiance, take castles and huge cities, rule over them, build a larger army, collect taxes, go to war, and have great battles.  The game is good.

So if you’ve never heard of Mount & Blade: Warband here are some clips of the game play.  Enjoy.

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