Iron Snout – Review

Iron Snout Gampelay
They just keep coming

Hoards of wolves have a very hard time trying to kill this little pig.  Eventually you’ll get overrun and die but you’ll possibly kill hundreds before they take you out, depending on how good you are.  Action, blood, humor, the free price tag, Iron Snout is definitely worth downloading if you have some time to kill.

Iron Snout
Pow! All pigs know kung fu!

Iron Snout throws you into the fight very quickly with a short 30 second tutorial that really just shows you how to punch in different directions.  As soon as you learn the basics things start to happen quickly.  You’re killing wolves, throwing axes at enemies charging you, dodging rockets being ridden by wolves, dodging axes, killing everything in site with blood painting the floor around you.  Then you die, at which point you realize you have a giant smile on your face.  Yeah, this game is fun.

Iron Snout
Pigs can’t fly but they can jump kick

The mechanics are simple, you stay in the middle of the screen and enemies charge at you and you punch or kick in the direction they’re coming.  The controls are very fluid and simple but it’s very well done.  Enemies usually carry some sort of weapon and when you kill them that weapon flies up in the air and you reach out and grab it before it hits the ground.  Then you can hurl the weapon at on coming enemies to do damage.  Usually the weapon you throw gets lodged in the wolves head and makes them bleed as they charge at you.

Iron Snout
Stop! I’m warning you!

There are also just the right amount of enemies to make Iron Snout a challenge.  For example, in the jungle map there are wolves that throw axes that make you jump over them or knock them away if you have a weapon.  Other wolves ride on rockets through the air which keeps you from constantly jumping up over enemies.  Top that off with  a bunch of ground fighting wolves and pogo-stick riding wolves who bounce up and down towards you creates a difficult situation.  This variety of enemies keeps you on your toes and does prove to be difficult.

Iron Snout
Who knew wolves like Miley Cyrus

There are two levels, one is the jungle I mentioned before and the other is the city level.  The city level is hilarious.  You have a wolf swinging from a ball dressed like Miley Cyrus, wolves are dressed in top hats with canes, a Pokemon Ashe wolfe who tosses pokeballs, skateboarders riding YOLO skateboards,  and even riot police.  The city level is just amazing to play.  I say start off in the jungle but don’t put down the game until you try the city.

Iron Snout

There is also a beta 1v1 local mode that I played with for a minute.  The goal is to hit a ball to your opponents side and hope it hits a button on the ground to score a point.  It’s local only but I thought it was worth mentioning, it would be fun if it was globally multiplayer.

Iron Snout
28 hit combo, not too bad

Iron Snout is a great free game and I highly recommend this to anyone.  The developer did a great job and I look forward to trying his future game which seems to be Bacon May Die.  Now go take down as many wolves as you can before you inevitably become their dinner.



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