Humble Jumbo Bundle 10

Humble Bundle

I’ve re-discovered the Humble Bundle site and I’m glad I did.  The site has games, good games, for a “pay what you want” price!  Yes, if you want to pay $.05 then you can.  Each bundle has three tiers though and and you get more games depending on how much you spend.  If you pay under the average cost of all other people you get the first tier, pay the average or more you get tier 1 and 2.  Pay over $10 and you get all three!  One caveat is that if you want the game for Steam you must pay $1, otherwise you just download it to your computer.  Still great!  Also, you can divide up who gets the money from your purchase.

Jumbo Bundle 10

Anyways the Humble Jumbo Bundle #10 starts with Epicstory which I ended up buying during the summer sale but haven’t played yet, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee which I played on PlayStation when I was a kid, and finally the gem for me is GreyGoo which is still $30 on Steam that I’ve wanted to try.  So I paid $1 and got all three of those great games, I can’t believe it. You should check out this bundle and the other ones on the site, great deals for sure.

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