Ever dream about playing Overwatch’s new character Doomfist with your own Gauntlet? This guy made one

Overwatch with real Doomfist Guantlet
This is great

Overwatch’s newest character Doomfist, as his name hints, destroys people with his huge fist!  Twitch streamer and redditor ATwerkinYoshi of TheSuperScrubs channel made his own Doomfist Guantlet and it seems to work pretty well.

Watch live video from TheSuperScrubs on www.twitch.tv

ATwerkinYoshi is known for playing games with home-made controllers and does a great job with them.  He has also played Pharah with a trampoline and a nerf gun, seriously.  While he seems to do well with these specialty controllers I still don’t think they’re ready to be used in the competitive scene yet.  But with some cold beer, friends, and some pug games I think you’ll have a great time.  I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!

Watch live video from TheSuperScrubs on www.twitch.tv

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