Has Raptr finally shut down for good?

Raptr Interface

If you have never heard of it that’s not a huge surprise but Raptr was a program that would track the games you played and how many hours you played them.  As you played you would earn points that you could then spend on rewards for games.  I received about five SMITE skins from Raptr so for me it was pretty useful.  I also liked that each week it would send me a snapshot of the games I played and for how many hours.  It would also tell you how your play time was based on the rest of the users, it may have confirmed I enjoy video games maybe a little too much.

Goodbye Friend

With that said Raptr announced they would end the rewards program on May 4, 2017.  The reason is the partnership with AMD ended in 2016 and they are unable to continue the support.  With that said I’ve kept using the app to track my progress and think it’s still great, even without the rewards.  Today though each time I try to log in it says “Unable to contact Raptr.com.  Please check your Internet connection and try again.  I also visited their site and it looks like it’s having issues too.  So either their servers are just having issues or this is it, the final nail in the coffin.  I’ll miss you Raptr.

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