Gamescome 2017 was officially the biggest games convention of the year

Gamescom 2017
Gamescom 2017

Gamescom 2017, known as “The Heart of Gaming”, wrapped up in Cologne, Germany on August 26th.   The convention showcases all aspects of the gaming industry including platforms like console, mobile, online and PC gaming, along with virtual reality and e-sports.  The convention was huge and the official statistics provided by Gamescom prove it.  The document contains three pages full of stats from the event but I pulled some quick highlights.

  • 350,000+ visitors
  • Visitors from 106 countries attended
  • #1 gaming industry business platform with 30,700 trade visitors
  • 919 companies from 54 countries
  • Exhibition space: 201,000 m2 (2,163,545 square feet)


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