Firewatch fan receives one of a kind novel

Firewatch Fan Novel
Order form that Ryan sent in

Scattered throughout the game Firewatch, created by Campo Santo, there are notebooks which have been reproduced and are for sale on their website.  You can order these exact replicas and have a physical piece of the game, that’s exactly what a guy named Ryan did.  Inside the back cover of these notebooks there is an order form for additional novels.  Here’s the thing, they are all fake just like the publisher is, it’s part of the lore!  However that didn’t stop Ryan from filling out the form for a novel called Love at First Site, sending it to Camp Santo, and including the $4.50 which covers shipping and handling.  So what did Campo Santo do when they received it?

Firewatch Novel and Letter
The novel and the letter they sent back to Ryan

They specially made the novel for him!  That’s right, the company was so thrilled at the idea that they created a “never-to-be-reproduced piece of merchandise” for this fan.  I think this is amazing.  So they created the illustration for the novel and wrote the entire novel for this fan and sent it to Ryan.  When they sent it to him they also included a letter directly to him.  But the one thing we aren’t sure of is if Ryan ever received it.  Here is an excerpt from Camp Santo’s website about the novel.

We never head from Ryan Real-Last-Name-Witheld (oh God, I hope he got it) and he never posted this anywhere on the internet so we thought it was time to share it with you. We hope you enjoy the fact that we made it as much as we enjoyed the actual making of it.

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