Destiny 2 new map revealed and Control changes announced

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Endless Vale is one of the new maps for Destiny 2 and will be playable during the PC beta in August.  This map takes players to Nessus, one of the new destinations in Destiny 2.  I’ve checked out the game play videos and the map looks great and guarantees that there will be some nice action.  There have also been new rules announced for the Control maps.

Changes to Control maps from the original IGN story:

  • Points no longer capture faster if multiple people are standing on them.
  • You can activate a power play if you capture all points.
  • Point A and point C begin as captured.
  • Capture is no longer a two-step process eliminating neutralization. Now you only have to capture the point.
  • If you capture all the zones you now enter a “power play,” meaning you’ll get even more points per kill.
  • Matches are now 8 minutes long.
  • Mercy rule will be enabled, but is still being developed with the beta.

One rule change that sticks out as unique is taking away the neutral stage of the capture process.  This means one team is always getting points no matter what, that’s going to make for a more intense and fierce game.  No longer can one person hold a point on neutral and deny someone points, I think this will be interesting to see.  The mercy rule is another feature that some games should probably have.  The mercy rule is definitely going to need some tweaking to get it just right but overall I think these changes are all positive and will make for more action.

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