Bundle Stars Transform Into Fanatical

Fanatical Launch Sale

Everybody looks for video game deals, and why shouldn’t you?  Who wouldn’t love to get the latest hit title for a fraction of what most people paid.  Steam has already ruined me when it comes to price, the thought of paying $60 for a game seems absurd to me.  That’s probably the main reason I can never go back to console gaming.

If you’ve been on the hunt for good game deals chances are you’ve visited Bundle Stars at some point, they’ve been around since 2012.  Technically they’ve been around since the 90’s as “PC CD-ROM” but chance are you may not have been looking for gaming deals in the 90’s.  Well Bundle Stars announced it’s new name Fanatical and is kicking things off with lots of great deals.

They have a variety of different categories for you to search though from single games to bundles, top sellers, latest deals, new releases, virtual reality, and you can even see game deals that are coming soon.  This site has some top tier games at affordable prices so I think it’s definitely worth heading over to Fanatical and checking it out.

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