This site is still evolving, figuring out what it will become.  At it’s core it’s a place that celebrates video games, the industry, the creators, and the players.  You’ll find a variety of articles from video games, reviews, opinion pieces, fun images and video clips from games, cultural posts, and other categories I’ve left out.  If you like what you read let us know so we’ll keep posting, maybe you’ll like it so much you’ll want become a contributor yourself!

What is a Level Headed Gamer?

Simply put, a LHG is someone who rationally thinks about a game they’re player, enjoys playing games, and appreciates a game for what it is.

An LHG isn’t a toxic player, trolling their team, and shouting to anyone who will listen about how bad a game is.  Just take a level headed approach to playing each game and you got it.


Matt Allen
I’ve had a passion for gaming since I played Super Mario Brothers 3 on the NES.  I still have a working NES and a copy of Super Mario Brothers 3.  I enjoy writing, learning about new games, and seeing what creative people are coming up with.  The constant in my life has always been a passion for gaming so in my spare time I’m going to bring that passion to life here.  I hope you enjoy.

Joe Coleman
You’ll find Joe playing one of his many games in his ever expanding Steam library.  From chicken dinners, to colonizing planets, to defusing bombs, he’s always playing something.  Occasionally he’ll even write post something on this site for your enjoyment.

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